Profile: Robert Rodriguez

Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine UCSF, Research Director SF General Hospital EM Residency

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Profile: Michael Winters

Asst Professor and Program Director of EM/IM/Critical Care combined residency at University of Maryland.

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Critical Care Perspectives in Emergency Medicine is an audio program dedicated to the intersection of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. Keep up-to-date with insightful, penetrating commentary in this exciting and fast moving medical arena. Sign up!
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This month we review and discuss critical literature just published in the NEJM pertaining to the resuscitation of patients with septic shock. Should you change your MAP goal? Is albumin still indicated for fluid resuscitation in the septic patient? Should CVP and central venous oxygen saturation measurements be integral to the management of patients with sepsis?
Mike Winters, Rob Rodriguez , Peter DeBlieux

We start off with a discussion on the patient with acute liver failure. Learn why giving lactulose for encephalopathy in these patients may be harmful. In the second discussion, we officially welcome Haney Mallemat to the CCPEM team and hears his Tips & Tricks Every Resuscitationist Must Know!
Mike Winters, Rob Rodriguez , Peter DeBlieux

This month we discuss key articles from the 2013 literature that pertain to EM and CCM. Lots of great stuff on cardiac arrest, targeted temperature management, sepsis, transfusions, fluid resuscitation, pulmonary embolism, and sedation and analgesia. Don't get left behind before the year even get's started.
Mike Winters, Rob Rodriguez , Peter DeBlieux

This month we get back to pediatric critical illness. Mimi Lu discusses status asthmaticus while Nate Mick imparts the pearls for treating status epilepticus in sick kids. If you take care of kids, you can't afford to miss this episode!
Mimi Lu, Mike Winters, Rob Rodriguez , Peter DeBlieux

Bryan Hayes is back to discuss pearls and pitfalls regarding alcohol withdrawal. We discuss the latest NEJM article that casts doubt on the benefit of cooling patients with ROSC from OHCA to 33C. Finally, we highlight 2 abdominal catastrophes that can easily be missed in the critically ill ICU patient.
Bryan Hayes, Mike Winters, Rob Rodriguez , Peter DeBlieux

This month we discuss pearls and pitfalls in the management of critically ill transplant patients. Though we focus on the cardiac transplant patient, much of the discussion on rejection, medications, and infection is applicable to any transplant patient. Do you know how to recognize rejection? What organisms do you need to consider in the transplant patient with sepsis?
Mike Winters, Rob Rodriguez , Peter DeBlieux

Often felt to be one of the "most mismanaged conditions in all of medicine", the management of hypertensive emergencies is challenging and can be fraught with disaster. What is the target reduction in blood pressure during the first hour? What agents should you use for select patients and why does hydralazine have no role in the management of hypertensive emergencies?
Mike Winters, Rob Rodriguez , Peter DeBlieux

Recent evidence suggests that the type of fluid selected may impact outcomes. We discuss the acid-base effects of IV fluids, balanced solutions, and the selection of fluids for specific clinical scenarios. Dr. Neeraj Badjatia gives an outstanding talk on the critical care management of patients with SAH. Learn why there is "nothing normal about normal saline".
Neeraj Badjatia, Mike Winters, Rob Rodriguez , Peter DeBlieux

This month Sam Wood joins the podcast and delivers an amazing lecture on caring for the intubated ED patient. Packed with pearls and pitfalls, this podcast is one you'll want to listen to a few times. Miss this episode and you may just find yourself the center of the next M&M conference.
Sam Wood, Mike Winters, Rob Rodriguez , Peter DeBlieux

Peter discusses methods of monitoring and assessing critically ill patients in the ED. Kim Boswell, a rapidly rising star in trauma and critical care, discusses some recent articles from the trauma critical care literature that every emergency physician must know.
Kim Boswell, Mike Winters, Rob Rodriguez , Peter DeBlieux


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